What readers are saying about Shane Lochlann Black's
action-packed military science fiction series
Starships at War

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"Larger than life characters and fast paced action along with lots of plot twists. A great read that’s fun and exciting." -- Matt D.

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"This is a story I couldn't put down." -- LT

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"I am hooked and could not stop reading" -- Bbooth

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"This author consistently hits all the right marks" -- JM

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"The action is fast and furious." -- Mitch W.

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"Fantastic read whether you like crunchy sci-fi or a little bit of space opera." -- Kassious88

Arm weapons
Energize battle screens
and set course for high-energy, space-shattering
interstellar war!

Sample these chapters from
Shane Lochlann Black's
ever-growing Starships Universe:

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