"The power she drew from that resplendent blade could not be explained by any man alive."

Sixteen-year-old Jessica Halloran and five of her friends slip through a mysterious astral portal and find themselves in a magical realm called Aventar. With no food or shelter and no way to get home, the girls retreat to a haunted farm, where Jessica discovers the golden ring she is wearing has unusual powers.

Three towers loom over the western coast of the region where the girls' farm is located. According to legend, if their beacons are lit in concert, they will show the way to the Isle of the Moon, where another astral portal may be located. The girls agree it could be the way home.

Jessica's friend Talitha isn't so sure. There is something odd about the arrangement of the towers along the coast, but she can't quite put her finger on it.

When Jessica accidentally lights the first beacon, an ancient seal is broken. Fiendish creatures begin to emerge from every vile tomb and darkened pit in the land. With ominous shadows encroaching on the countryside, and restless ghouls attacking peaceful villages, a guardian Arcanist warns the oldest of the girls she and her friends have only five days to find the Palace in the Sky. If they fail, a plague of evil will plunge Aventar into darkness. What they seek could be locked away for another thousand years.

When Talitha discovers a second ring in an enchanted woodweaver's garden called the Grove of the Firstflowers, she begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together and comes to a chilling realization: The third beacon must remain dark, or something even more sinister could be unleashed!

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