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The Jericho Electronic Book Builder can convert a plain text manuscript and a cover image into an EPUB version 3 format e-book. There is a high likelihood books produced by Jericho will validate against EPUB 3.0.1 using the Epubcheck validator, provided the manuscript is in the proper format and doesn't include any unusual data.

EPUB 3 books are compatible with Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble Nook, Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, Moon+ Reader and Aldiko. Moon+ Reader and Aldiko both run on the Amazon Kindle. You can also upload EPUB format books to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and have them converted to Kindle-compatible mobi/KF8/AZW format.

Jericho reliably understands UNIX-format text files at the moment. Automatically converting Windows/DOS text to UNIX is possible with the current version, but isn't guaranteed to work. When your book is produced, it will have print-quality ligatures (curly single and double quotes and apostrophes), italics, indented paragraphs and a hyperlinked table of contents.

Because our bookstore and cloud services are made available for all ages, Jericho is only licensed for use on books that are generally considered "safe for work" with a rating of 'G' 'PG' 'PG-13' or a soft 'R.' No explicit works, please.

Text manuscripts must begin with "Begin:" The last line of your manuscript must be preceded by two line breaks and have only the word "End:" Each chapter heading must start with "Chapter:" Every chapter heading other than the first must have two line breaks preceding it. Italics are denoted with _ characters before and after the italicized phrase.

The web application version of this software is currently in alpha and we're gradually working towards a production version with a complete set of features. If you'd like to try it out, authorization codes are available at the Palace in the Sky Bookstore. If you have questions, please e-mail.

Purchased authorization codes will be good for a maximum of 7 days. Old codes are deactivated every Monday morning.

Example Jericho-Compatible Manuscript

This is the first two chapter-length sections of Dawnsong: The Last Skyblade, formatted as plain ASCII text with compatible chapter headings. This document will successfully compile into a validated EPUB3. If you simply replace the contents of this document with your chapters (and make sure to add two line feeds before each additional chapter) your book should compile successfully.

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