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Jason Hunter takes command of a five-million-ton weapon. His enemies intend for his first mission to be his last.

2049 pages of action-packed military science fiction!

DSS Dunkerque is missing. Her commander is Vice Admiral Charles Hughes, a man with his share of enemies at Skywatch headquarters. The flagship's last known position was in the contested Gitairn Region. Any number of threats could materialize if another ship is sent to locate Dunkerque and rescue Hughes and his crew.

Jason Hunter is the fleet's newest captain. He has been assigned command of a brand new strike battleship. The admiralty believes having a decorated flight leader and ace pilot on the bridge of a ship capable of launching strike fighters into combat is the right decision. Hunter ups the ante by recruiting the pilots of the infamous Bandit Jacks squadron to be his senior officers.

The battleship Argent sets course for Uniform Oscar to search for the Dunkerque. Its officers believe the orders they are following are genuine. What they don't know is a plot set in motion years before Hunter earned his commission is about to reach its diabolical conclusion. A renegade former marine officer turned megalomaniac has unleashed an alien technology hidden for more than a billion years, and Jason Hunter and his crew are about to become its new target!

The Starships at War Fleet Captain's Collection includes all five Starships at War novels: Strike Battleship Argent, Strike Battleship Engineers, Strike Battleship Marines, Fleet Commander Recon and Jacks Full of Aces!

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